Transform Any Classroom into an Automated Online Course Studio with the EVT Learning System

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Instructors Teach As Usual and Creates A Lecture Optimized for Remote Learning

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Chancellor Pradeep Khosla

Chancellor Pradeep Khosla,
UC San Diego

"EVT has supported us in this effort during our temporary
transition to online instruction as a result of COVID-19. They
have helped us not only improve accessibility, but also improve
student satisfaction for distance learning."


(EVT Auto-Studio Device + EVT Web Platform)

Create Online Courses From In-Person Lectures Taught Using:


Enhances and organizes board writing into notes which provides independence to students with disabilities and enables students to focus more on understanding.

Clicking on any word or variable in the notes takes you to the point in the video where the professor wrote it on the board.Click on a word in the transcript takes you to when the word was spoken.

Generates a video where only the writing appears and all humans are digitially removed.This makes the video file over 10x smaller all while increasing legibility of writng.

Automatically-generated transcript that works well for speakers who don't have accents.


With the efficiency of a PDF and the depth of information of a video,
it's the best way to view a presentation online

Option to have the presenter intelligently embedded into their slides for increased engagement.
Standard option to have the presenter off to the side, we keep them in view through vision based tracking.


Versatile to support dynamic instruction using both boards and slideshow presentations

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  • Records on a schedule set through web interface, intelligently trims video to the start and end of instruction
  • Auto-curates course content to populate the EVT Web Platform
  • 4K Camera, HDMI Capture, XLR Audio Input, 3.5mm Audio Input, Ethernet Input, and Wifi
  • Captures all whiteboard and chalkboard writing from up to 70ft away, works in large 400 seat auditoriums to small 4 person conference rooms
  • Easy installation using VESA mount. Clamps to pole of exisitng projector mount or can be installed in ceiling, on wall, or placed on table
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Ensures Student Privacy (FERPA)

  • Student faces are automatically blurred in videos to retain student privacy
  • Intelligently trims videos to discard non-instruction segments where students enter or exit the room
  • Secure AWS server, encryption at rest and at transport
  • Employ SANS based cybersecurity and controls policies
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Fully Automated

  • Records on a schedule set through simple web interface
  • Autonomously curates content from the lecture to populate the online course
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Effortless and Non-Invasive for Professors

  • No effort or behavior changes needed by professor to use EVT, device operates autonomously
  • Respects privacy with option to digitally remove professor from lecture video

Best for Accessibility (ADA)

  • Generates notes for notetaking accomodations
  • In-video writing enhancement for increased contrast all while decreasing video size by 10x
  • Highly efficent information access & splits lectures into shorter segments
  • Creates multi-modal content such as an accurate speech transcript
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Easy to Integrate

  • Google and Canvas Oauth
  • Vesa mount, 1 hour installation
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • No change in classroom infrastructure
  • Network sensitive uploading