Autonomously Generate Online Classes

Simply place our device in a classroom and it generates a next generation education platform that enables students to excel academically.

Platform Demo

Power Effective Learning

Artificial intelligence automates the curation and connection of content in our platform which enables students to study efficiently outside of class and inclass enables an increase in understanding through higher focus. To further promote effective learning, our platform allows students to access different resources on the same subject, participate in community learning, and efficiently revisit lecture content.

Device and Platform


Classroom Device

- Captures 4K video
- On device processing
- Autonomously generates all content and populates platform
- Works in all classrooms
- Captures all boards and projection screens up to 70ft away

Student Platform

- Interactive Lecture Notes, Transcript, and Video
- Auto Hyperlinks Concepts Across Lectures and Classes
- Facilitates Community Learning
- Integrates with popular LMS and QA Platforms
- Provides Analytics on Learning
- Built to be Accessible




Fully Automated

  • Autonomously generates notes from lectures
  • Intelligently detects start and end of lecture
  • Connects same concept taught by other professors across universities
  • No human effort

Non-Invasive for Professors

  • No effort or behavior changes by professor
  • Respects privacy with option to digitally remove professor from video
  • No change in classroom infrastructure
  • Network sensitive uploading

FERPA and ADA Compliant

  • Notes for accomodation
  • Transcript of lecture
  • Auto-blurs student faces
  • Secure AWS server

Easy to Integrate

  • Compatible with all popular LMS
  • 20 minute basic device installation
  • Mounts anywhere
  • Customer support
  • Wifi or ethernet
  • 3.5mm audio in or bluetooth mic

Student Feedback

It was a very useful simulation of being in a lecture, it helped me concentrate.
UCSD Student from Calculus for Science and Engineering
Students spend less time stressing ... and more time engaging with the lecture. [It] ... connects research-backed pedagogical practices with effortful learning [in class].
4th year UCSD Student Supplemental Instruction Leader
I really liked how the platform allowed me to stop and look at the whole board instead of only one small portion. I really enjoyed how the platform [displayed] the notes and put them under the video so I could check the order in which they appeared. That made following along the lecture way easier for me.
1st year UCSD Student Structural Engineering Major

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