Automated Creation of Accessible, Efficient, and Effective Online Courses


Chancellor Pradeep Khosla,
UC San Diego

"EVT has supported us in this effort during our temporary transition to online instruction as a result of COVID-19. They have helped us not only improve accessibility, but also improve student satisfaction for distance learning."

EVT Bloom

Enhance your existing video files     (Zoom Recordings, MS Teams, etc) into an effective and engaging viewing experience on EVT!

(Bloom Enhanced Zoom Video Recording)

  • Interactive Video PDF
  • Intelligently Splits Video into Shorter Segments
  • Searchable Speech Transcript
  • User Analytics & Reports
  • Unlimited Users and Views
  • Automated Quiz Question Generation

The EVT Learning System

(EVT Auto-Studio Device + EVT Web Platform)

Transform Any Classroom into an Automated Online Course Studio with the EVT Learning System

Our Clients Include:

Instructor & Administrator Testimonials


Dr. Truong Nguyen,
UC San Diego Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Chair

"EVT has dramatically helped my students with comprehending their coursework...product is incredibly innovative, easy to use, and is improving the academic life of students because of it."

"The Slide platform has so many advantages over traditional video. The enhanced features that bring search and interactivity helps with user engagement. The platform with easy access to other lectures truly makes the University vision real."


Kurling Robinson,
CEO of Fokcus Mentoring & Co-founder of Net Zero

Student Satisfaction


higher student preference for EVT over other online instruction platforms when benchmarked against in-person lectures


of students surveyed were more likely to attend a given university if they use EVT over other online instruction platforms


average rating by students on usefulness of EVT (responses across 6 university courses)

Student's Feedback of EVT

Structural Eng. Major

Structural Eng. Major

"I really liked how the platform allowed me to stop & look at the whole board [with] the notes under the video...That made following along the lecture way easier for me."
UCSD Teaching Assistant

UCSD Teaching Assistant

"Students spend less time stressing and more time engaging with the lecture. [It] connects research-backed pedagogical practices with effortful learning."
Undergraduate Engineering Student

Engineering Student

"The videos are easy to review with the notes and transcript. The notes are especially useful for studying. Video tracks position of the lecturer, which is cool."
UCSD Mathematics Student

Mathematics Student

"The platform was most useful because the transcript and notes went along with the video. The notes were highlighted based on where it was taught during lecture."
UCSD Honors Calculus Student

Honors Calculus Student

"I liked the fact that we could choose what we wanted to watch out of the lecture by navigating through the notes. Usually, for other podcasts, we don't have the notes for reference. This was very useful."
Student in Upper Div Engineering Course

Student in Upper-Div
Engineering Course

"Because it has video, audio, and transcripts of the notes and lecture, the platform offers the nearest experience to being actually present in the lecture."