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Make Your Zoom Bloom!

Bloom increases video engagement, accessibility, and views

Automatically Curates: 
  • Video PDF
  • Table of Contents
  • Speech Transcript
  • Summaries
  • Quiz Questions

EVT Bloom Web Platform Highlights:

Simply upload your video recordings (lectures, training, webinars, meetings, etc) for automated curation.

Table of Contents and Video PDF

Bloom auto splits uploaded video recording into short video chapters by the topic. It creates a Video PDF with a Table of Contents. It has the efficiency of a PDF with the depth of information of a video.

Search Through Speech Transcript & Video Content

Automated Speaker Summaries

Scroll through speaker discussions and jump into the part of the discussion that interests you. EVT automatically splits up a discussion by the speaker and generates a summary per speaker.

showcase of the evt web platform, showing is a image of a speaker with an overlay of text of a summary of what they said
image of multiple choice quiz question

Automated Quiz Questions (coming 
Fall 2024)

Keep students engaged with interactivity through
automated multiple choice quiz questions and
increase the integrity for a view completion.

User Analytics

Track completion of courses and
gain insight about what part of your
content is being used the most.

graph plotting analytics of student views

Buy EVT Bloom

Bloom service includes video content curation, transcription, access to the EVT web platform, video hosting, user management, course management, user analytics, and support. The EVT team does a quality assurance step to ensure high quality generation of content.

The Problem with Long Video Recordings:

Long video recordings are a pain to watch, have low engagement, low viewership, aren't accessible, limit organizational knowledge share, and result in a poor learning experience.

Why EVT Bloom:

For a deeper dive read our report: Gaps in Distance Learning Alleviated By Educational Vision Technologies (EVT)